Perfect Your Strategy

Perfect is personal.

What does perfect mean for you and your business? Good strategy will help you define perfection and pave the path to get you there.

Build your well-rounded life and make progress at your pace.

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Strategic Coaching

Strategic coaching will help you cast a personal vision and create a tailored plan to get there. Reach for growth goals while keeping your peace & ease.

We believe that strategy doesn’t need to mean stress.

Bring your business to perfection. Build a well-rounded life

Strategic support will help you perfect:

  • Your Vision & Growth:

    Clarify where you’re going, solidify your why, and create a path to get there. 

  • Your Mindset:

    Reframe your relationship with your business. You deserve a well-rounded life!

  • Your Processes:

    Polish your everyday work life and create systems you can grow with.

  • Your Peace & Ease:

    Protect your peace and find ways to insert ease in your everyday

Meet Mimi

Quick Facts:

  • Retail expert and founder of The Tiny Tassel 
  • Seasoned entrepreneur
  • Seeks daily delight
  • Believes every business owner can experience peace while executing a smart strategy. It's always both/and.
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How about both?

We know that leaders like you need two things: smart strategy and people they trust with their to-do lists, processes, and finances. 

Get strategy support and financial guidance at the same time. 

We are both/and.

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Get both strategic and financial support

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