To perfect or polish

Parfaire exists to bridge the gap between consulting and implementation. We support leaders with strategic coaching support, consulting solutions, financial services, virtual assistance and community support. 

We’re a both/& consultancy

We know that businesses need two things: smart strategy and people they trust with their to-do lists. Parfaire leaves leaders knowing where they’re going, feeling peace about where they’re headed next, confident that they have a community to turn to, and relieved that the nitty-gritty of their business and books is being taken care of.  

For us, perfection lies in honing your long-term vision alongside a genuine community and taking care of day-to-day business tasks simultaneously. 

We do both. 

Bring your business to perfection. Build a well-rounded life. Access our resources and start getting the support you need here.

Let's work together

  • Strategic Coaching

    Build and execute a strategy that sets you up for a well-rounded life in and outside of work. More peace & ease, please. 

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  • Financial Support

    Polish your processes and perfect your financial foundation. Get all your questions answered, finally. 

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  • Both/and

    Set your long-term vision while managing your day-to-day finances and processes. We know every leader needs both.

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  • "I feel more confident making strategic decisions for my business since getting a personalized plan by Parfaire Consulting highlighting areas I can focus more on for healthy, sustainable growth."

    - Andrea from Motherland Essentials

  • "Working with Parfaire helped me to step back and see what can be delegated; setting goals with timelines so I know exactly when things need to be done"

    - Randi from Kay & Co

  • "Parfaire Consulting has been a constant source of support, motivation, providing innovative suggestions that have helped me maintain a broader perspective. It is evident that the information provided is tailored to address the unique requirements of my business while also considering my personal growth, and this is what sets Parfaire Consulting apart from the rest. I am forever grateful for the launching of this business."

    - Ebeny from Escape Haven & Co

  • "I felt empowered to make bold decisions, and walked away from my first session with a clear game plan. This yeilded 2 new clients and business revenue that allowed me to make some key business moves. Coach Mimi was so supportive and her confidence in me helped me keep moving forward and kept me accountable"

    - Coco from Let's Make a CLASSIC


We made these with the entrepreneur in mind.

For years, we've been looking for the perfect business resources that were worth our time. So we made them! Visit our resource shop for helpful guides that will guide you through polishing every element of your business.


Quick Questions

Who is coaching for?

We welcome any entrepreneur or small business owner who needs to create more clarity, structure, and consistency in their day to day. Have you ever thought, this is the perfect day? If it's been a while, we're here to help you have more of those days and build a well-rounded life.

When am I ready for coaching/consulting?

Don't wait until everything is tidy and put together to get help. We're here to guide you through the current season of your business and move towards creating more structure, clarity, and actionable steps. Show up as you are, we help best there!

What does a coaching session entail?

60 minute virtual session to discuss your current business needs/safe space to show up where you are/brainstorm/create  action steps that move your business forward-- recap notes, session recording, and action steps provided after each session

What if I need strategic and financial coaching? Can I do both at once?

Yes! Book a discovery call with both Mimi & Aiko here to learn more about our both/& offering.

How many sessions do you recommend/how long does coaching last?

Our most popular package includes 12 1:1 sessions. This can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly over the course of 3 or 6 months.

Is there homework?

Although we don't assign homework each session, our goal is to have you leave each session with clear action steps and goals to move the needle and grow your business.

When do I need to hire a bookkeeper?

If you find yourself with no time to work on your bookkeeping, need help organizing your books or if you don’t know where to start, it's time to hire a bookkeeper! If you are going through the motions of bookkeeping but do not know what the numbers mean, we can help you interpret you finances and make good business decisions.

Can you help with business taxes?

Yes, We have 15 years of tax experience. We will help you prep your books so you can tackle your taxes perfectly. If you're looking for a tax accountant, we'll be happy to point you in the right direction! We have two trusted referrals for tax planning, tax preparation, 1099s, etc.

I have an accountant but still don't understand my finances, can you help?

Yes! This is what we do best. Get an understanding of your finances and what to do with your money next. In financial support, Aiko often acts a liaison between clients and thier CPA or tax agencies. Aiko can create personalized guidance weekly to help you make your next perfect decision. More here.

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Ready for perfection?

We’ll help you polish your approach and bring ease back into your work.