Meet Mimi & Aiko

Sisters and business owners Mimi and Aiko know firsthand what it means to build something from the ground up. Mimi brings years of creative business experience in retail, and Aiko is an experienced accountant with a knack for numbers and management. 

Together, they’re a duo that will set you in the direction of perfection. 

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When was the last time you said any of these things about your business? 

  • “That was the perfect work day.”

  • “Wow, this is working perfectly.”

  • “So perfect, I don’t need to think about it anymore.”

We want more business leaders who are confident in their processes, direction, and financial position.

Parfaire provides what you need to polish everything about your work - from coaching, community, assistance, and accounting - we’re here to set you in the direction of perfection.

Access our strategic coaching and consulting services here. Learn more about financial management and virtual assistance support here. We know businesses need both and you can learn about working with both of us here. We’re here to help.

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Mimi Striplin

Driven by her passion for building businesses and a life centered around joy, Mimi Striplin empowers female entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams professionally and personally. Entrepreneurship can yield success while business owners find joy and rest, and Mimi’s business approach is the perfect testimonial. Her 15 years of retail expertise and eight years of entrepreneurial experience have produced two successful businesses. Mimi built these brands into retail brick-and-mortar businesses in downtown Charleston, SC. She founded The Tiny Tassel, creating the namesake accessory in just one color in 2015, and has now surpassed the 7-figure revenue mark all while finding joy in her work.

The Tiny Tassel is a handmade jewelry, clothing, and accessories brand inspired by the vibrant colors of Charleston, SC. Joy is the core value of The Tiny Tassel, so each piece is created with those special, everyday moments in mind for an extra dose of delight. Mimi works closely with lead designer, her mother, Keiko Striplin, to curate a fresh collection every season. Every colorful tiny tassel is handmade in Charleston, SC by a creative women-led team.

In 2023, Mimi founded Parfaire Consulting with her sister Aiko Striplin, to serve other entrepreneurs looking to find joy while also growing their businesses to greater heights. She was tired of being the only one in the room that looked like her and became more and more aware of the wealth gap between women of color and their white counterparts in those rooms. So though Parfaire welcomes entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, women of color and their unique business and personal needs are prioritized. With that in mind, Parfaire’s support structure includes business and mindset coaching, a welcoming community, and access to trusted experts in web development, HR, legal, photography, marketing, and more. But to put it simply, Parfaire helps clients bring their businesses to perfection and create a well-rounded life. 

Mimi’s holistic and lived approach provides invaluable clarity, business acumen, and provides tailored support to fill in the gap between where clients are and where they want to be. Now that she’s built a reliable and talented team at The Tiny Tassel, Mimi can more readily partake in her own joyful moments, which include afternoons in Paris, reading rom-coms, matcha, and all things pink.

Mimi grew up in Spartanburg, SC, the youngest of eight siblings. She credits her entrepreneurial spirit to her parents, who were both business owners in their hometown. She came to Charleston in 2010 and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communication from the College of Charleston. She is a certified Hello7 Coach. Today, Mimi and The Tiny Tassel flagship store still calls Charleston home. 

Strategic Coaching with Mimi

Aiko Striplin

Aiko has over 15 years of accounting experience, ranging from serving solopreneur-run businesses to organizations with up to 35k employees and 100M in revenue.

Aiko received her undergraduate degree from Berea College and has completed a master's degree in business administration from the University of Louisville. She specializes in tax planning, accounting consulting, and developing processes to assist clients with successful finance and accounting practices within their businesses. Aiko is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Aiko loves helping and watching small businesses succeed and grow to levels they never thought possible. She helps business owners and brands be the best they can be and assists with anything from reviewing a resume to giving tax advice.

Aiko always knew that accounting was her calling because she understood the importance of a healthy relationship with money! She considers helping small businesses to be her “why” because of the joy it brings when business owners feel confident and peaceful about their finances. Aiko’s friends and family have always called her “their personal and financial consultant.” Parfaire is a development of this natural gift and desire to continue helping business owners everywhere.

Financial Coaching with Aiko


  • "I feel more confident making strategic decisions for my business since getting a personalized plan by Parfaire Consulting highlighting areas I can focus more on for healthy, sustainable growth."

    - Andrea from Motherland Essentials

  • "Working with Parfaire helped me to step back and see what can be delegated; setting goals with timelines so I know exactly when things need to be done"

    - Randi from Kay & Co

  • "Parfaire Consulting has been a constant source of support, motivation, providing innovative suggestions that have helped me maintain a broader perspective. It is evident that the information provided is tailored to address the unique requirements of my business while also considering my personal growth, and this is what sets Parfaire Consulting apart from the rest. I am forever grateful for the launching of this business."

    - Ebeny from Escape Haven & Co

  • "I felt empowered to make bold decisions, and walked away from my first session with a clear game plan. This yeilded 2 new clients and business revenue that allowed me to make some key business moves. Coach Mimi was so supportive and her confidence in me helped me keep moving forward and kept me accountable"

    - Coco from Let's Make a CLASSIC

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